Creating A Balance Between Work And Child Care

Posted by Reinecke Jesslyn on December 29th, 2013 filed in Time Management

Combining job and looking after the kids is a very difficult and intricate activity. When we had our hectic day and we should stay focused on the tasks that will come further more we can feel ourselves really exhausted. A mother that had just recently born her kid has a great deal of responsibilities on her own, when she comes back home from work. The time is never enough and she becomes more and more depressed, for she is unable to find a way out from this brand new for her and messy situation that in all cases will last for awhile.

In one moment you have to start planning which one of you is going to deal with the smallest crying family member, to plan who have to stay at home to look after a sick child, to decide who will attend the meeting at school. Due to all these inevitable responsibilities it emerges the question between both partners whose job is more important.

Perhaps before the birth of a children your domestic chores were divided equally. Nowadays the young fathers are much more involved than their fathers were in the past, but anyway the biggest part of difficulties falls on the female partner.

In order to be able to do that, the new mums have to be engaged partially, for they have to look after their small children. All these endless responsibilities will leave you just a little bit of time to talk with each other even to agree on how to split domestic and childcare roles. To create the necessary balance will cost you a lot of efforts and can be very stressful if you have to manage it in a limited range of time, this can bring a lot of stress in your family.

When your child copes with a serious illness you will notice that the level of stresses between you and your partner will increase. In those cases is accepted that mums should take days off to care for the sick children. That what interesting is, that female partners actually do believe that they have to be the one who should do it.

Different are the cases by families with disabled children, because often require additional support. Those parents are experiencing a great stress while they are trying to create a proper balance between work and home life may, which sometimes may seem rather impossible.

This is when you really need good reliable information, practical support and time out for your relationship.

In case that you and your partner want to combine both work and raising children, you have to think about the following. Do you think that you or your partner will need more support in some type of domestic and childcare roles?

What ideas can you propose to your partner for helping to improve the support between both of you?

Think of the possibilities to take time out for each other. What can you do to take time out together?“


If needed you may ask for additional information and advice, do you know where to find it?

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